Things that matter!

Things that matter!

The most important things in our lives aren’t the most expensive or the most blazing ones. The most important things in our lives are the ones that make us feel happy and fulfilled.
These things are simple to reach, easy to lose, hard to keep and in the most of cases they come naturally (which means…heaven really intended to keep us happy).
Once Voltaire said : “We all look for happiness, but without knowing where to find it: like drunkards who look for their house, knowing dimly that they have one”.
Fortunately there is something from within that craves for happiness, and this thirst burns out and hints us to seek dimly a thing that we long for, sometimes without even knowing it. This things are family, love, health, knowledge, dreams,etc. They feed life with their presence and urge us to crave for more.We are addicted to them and we only realize that when it stops coming in that doze which we used to receive.If the process stops we say :”something’s wrong!” or „that’s not fair!”. Such moments would always cure us, because then we understand important things!
We realize that drinking several cups of coffee per day for an african kid is totally unusual, while for us it is. We realize that having your parents at home isn’t a usual thing for an orphan and daily walking isn’t something simple for a disabled man. Nevertheless you won’t say that your access to internet is a blessing unless you visit North Korea and find out there rights!
We receive lots of things naturally while others don’t, so let’s turn gratitude into a natural virtue!


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